Recycling Programs

Ronald McDonald House Charities of West Georgia, Inc. strives to promote an environmentally-conscious culture. Within the House, energy-saving strategies have been implemented and paper, plastic and aluminum are consistently recycled.

Our charity also engages the community in additional recycling programs that are both smart for the environment and profitable for the Ronald McDonald House. Learn more about the Ronald McDonald House Charities of West Georgia’s Pop Tab Recycling Program by reading below.

Information about recycling other items and frequently asked questions about the recycling program can be accessed by scrolling down below.

Joining our recycling program is easy…download, fill out and return the registration form below!

Pop Tab Program Registration Form for schools



Pop-Tab Recycling Program

Did You Know? The little tab you pull to open your soda, soup or any other aluminum can makes a significant impact on Ronald McDonald House Charities of West Georgia!

Collecting Pop Tabs is an easy and fun project for schools, clubs or other large groups, as well as individuals and families. Save your tabs in containers that are easy to open and pour the tabs back out of. Suggestions are: Zip Lock bags, coffee cans, boxes or plastic containers.

Use your artistic talent to decorate your containers or pick up one of our cardboard pop tab houses at the Ronald McDonald House. Pop Tab houses are $1 for the small and $2 for the large.

Tabs can be dropped off at our House any day between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. Please schedule in advance if you would like a tour of the House.  Can’t make it to our House for a drop off? Stop by one of the recycling centers listed below to make your donation, and a check will be mailed directly to the House on your behalf. We do NOT recommend mailing the tabs themselves, as the postage cost would outweigh the benefits.

Reach the milestones of 250, 500, 750 or 1,000 pounds donated and receive a certificate of appreciation. Participating elementary schools have the opportunity to win an ice cream party for their entire school!

Schnitzer Southeast – 420 10th Avenue, Columbus, GA – (706) 987-8400

Spalding Recycling – 1360 Meriwether Street, Griffin, GA – (770) 229-1404

Garrett Recycling – 236 Hines Road, Hogansville, GA (706) 883-7384

Southeastern Aluminum Recycling – 122 N. Broadway Street, Albany, GA – (229) 888-1713

Schnitzer Southeast Recycling – 1301 E. Gordon Avenue, Albany, GA – (229) 432-6255

We would like to thank Schnitzer Southeast for being our corporate partner in the Columbus area.  They guarantee the Ronald McDonald House top dollar for all aluminum recycled through this program.  Their commitment is very important to us because the funds generated through the recycling program are used to pay the annual gas, water and electricity bills of the Ronald McDonald House.  It’s hard for people to believe, but funds collected through the recycling program average approximately $20,000 per year!  It’s easy to see why such a small thing is so important to the Ronald McDonald House!

*  We also accept aluminum cans, so feel free to recycle those as well!

*  Bring us your old  ink cartridges, we recycle those too!

School Contest

The Ronald McDonald House hosts an annual Pop-Tab Collection Contest between elementary schools in eastern Alabama and western Georgia. The contest encourages students and their families and friends to recycle tabs for the Ronald McDonald House and rewards the school who collects the most pounds of tabs (per student ratio) with a year-end ice cream party, and a certificate of appreciation.

Pop Tab Program Registration Form

Pop Tab Activity Guide


Additional Items to Recycle


Printer Ink Cartridges

The Ronald McDonald House also recycles printer ink cartridges and turns them into copy paper or other needed office supplies! We accept all original Inkjet cartridges.

We no longer accept large toner cartridges to recycle.

Please contact Tiffany Bamberger at or (706) 321-0033, ext 103 for more information.

Recycling Program FAQs

Who do I contact for questions about the Pop-Tab Program?

Tiffany Bamberger, Assistant  Director, oversees the Pop-Tab Recycling Program.  She can be reached via email at or by phone at (706) 321-0033 x 103.

What type of container do I use to collect pop-tabs?

You can purchase a pre-fabricated Pop-Tab Collection Box from the Ronald McDonald House or pick up a free, self-adhesive Pop-Tab Collection label and put it on a jar, jug or cardboard box.  If you are creative, you can make your own Pop-Tab Collection Box.  The choice is up to you!

Who can collect pop-tabs?

Everyone!  Youth groups, students, employees, individuals, civic and garden clubs, etc.  We award service hours to students who implement the recycling program in their school, church groups, clubs, etc.

Who can collect pop-tabs?

Everyone!  Youth groups, students, employees, individuals, civic and garden clubs, etc.  We award service hours to students who implement the recycling program in their school, church groups, clubs, etc.

Where do I put the collection container?

The best location to place a collection container is where people typically open their drinks.  Therefore, kitchens, vending areas, lunchrooms, breakrooms, classrooms and event grounds are great collection areas.

Where do I take my tabs to be recycled?

If you are in Columbus, you can take your tabs directly to Schnitzer Southeast, located at 420 10th Avenue near the intersection of 10th Avenue and 5th Street.  You can also deliver them to the Ronald McDonald House, 1959 Hamilton Road, and we will take them to be recycled.  If you live outside of the Columbus area, please refer to the list below for the recycling facility near you:

  • Garrett Recycling – 236 Hines Road, Hogansville, GA 30230   ph: 706-883-7384
  • B & B Recycling – 411 S. 10th Street, Opelika, AL
  • Schnitzer Southeast – 1301 E. Gordon Avenue, Albany, GA
  • Southeast Recycling – 122 N Broadway Street, Albany, GA

When I deliver the tabs, do I need to say anything special to the recycler?

Yes!  When you deliver your tabs to one of our recycling partners or to the Ronald McDonald House, tell the person who helps you that your tabs are part of the Ronald McDonald House Recycling Program.  If you would like for a specific elementary school to receive contest credit for the tabs you deliver, please tell the person that information as well.

Will I receive some kind of proof that I turned in tabs?

Yes!  You will be given a receipt when you turn in tabs at either location.  If you deliver them directly to one of our recycling partners, fax or mail a copy of your receipt to the Ronald McDonald House and we will confirm that your donation was recorded.