It's Time for the Annual Southern Living Christmas Cookbook


Cooking, entertaining, and sharing traditions with your family and friends will be just a little more meaningful this holiday season, knowing that you can help keep families close when they need it most by purchasing Dillard's Southern Living Christmas Cookbook!

Pick yours up at Dillard's or Dillards.com

They make fabulous gifts at a great price...only $10 each!



Want to help out and don't know where to start? 

We have two ready made fundraisers just for you!

Give a Hand


If you want to raise funds for the House and just need a little inspiration...this project is for you! Why not ask co-workers, family and friends to help out by donating $1 to $5 and put their name on one of our paper Hands? 

You can display them in a location that will encourage others to give and they are a fun and simple fundraiser. We will provide you with as many as you need. Simply contact us and we'll tell you how to get started!

Sport a Shirt 2015


Our Sport A Shirt fundraiser is another easy way to help the House. Simply contact us for all the information you will need. Simply show off the shirt design, take up orders and money for the shirts, then pick a day for everyone to wear them and take a group photo for our website and social media! Shirts are $10 each and you can do as few or as many as you like. 

To get started on either of these fundraisers, please contact Melody Moran, Fundraising Manager at (706) 321-0033, ext 103 or melody.moran@rmhcwga.org

Volunteers rock the shoes



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